Dr.P.JOHN WILSON B.Sc., M.A., Doctorate (Hons)

As a strong and ardent believer in family systems and its rich and enlightened bond which brings uniqueness into every child – The importance of education can never be overemphasized as it helps a child in getting to learn from the formative years to adulthood learning. From my perspective, I strongly believe that “Education is not the be-all, and end-all “to everything in this world. Every child has the potential to be an individual with talents bestowed by the Almighty! It’s we elders who should be that beacon of knowledge and wisdom to enrich and foster in them that which is hidden, nurture them with good guidance and to bring them as the best to face the future world. This process should be through proper and strategic plans phased out periodically with a value-based learning environment, instilling confidence, clarity in thought, decision-making skills and social responsibility and make it lifelong progress.

We at JOHN'S wish to provide that kind of moral and ethical bringing up of the child with long term goals to grow with us in the most conducive environment filled with love and care and in the most traditional ways yet equip and introduce the child with the best in this New Era of Learning not forgetting our values christened with methods which would inculcate our Vision & Mission- Seek Strive Succeed!

I wish the school to grow and shelter many young and budding children with strong roots spread out like the banyan tree! Get Great Education with us!


John’s Central School came into existence in the year 2013 with God’s promise.”Commit thy works into the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established”.

John’s owned and managed by John's Trust is one of the leading senior secondary schools in TamilNadu imparting quality education at an affordable cost.

My Father, Dr.P.John Wilson is a dedicated educationalist. He had devoted his whole life to education. He has been giving his time and energy for education for more than 47 years.



He has lifted the standard of education in the rural areas of Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli and other states. Thousands of children in rural areas have benefitted from his commendable service.

I convey my gratitude and thanks to everyone associated with the school for making this a successful institution.      

Our Awards

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john's central cbse
john's central cbse
john's central cbse
john's central cbse
john's central cbse
john's central cbse

The heart of the School’s aim is the intellectual, cultural, and social development of all pupils in a context of mutual esteem and sensible order. Our students learn from experienced, dedicated and enormously talented faculties, who challenge, inspire, encourage, and nurture the tender minds to reach greater levels of perception. 



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